Critical building resilience

Business as usual by design

All buildings are designed in line with current building standards to provide resilience against risks such as climate extremes and power surges, but certain buildings need to go beyond these standards. Critical functions such as data centres, trading floors, computer rooms and disaster recovery centres are engineered to enable continuous operation – every day, all day and night, regardless of the conditions. Mint MEP is experienced in creating MEP schemes including BMS automation for mission critical buildings so that resilience is built in.

Building services designs are conceived which take account of the 4 Rs of resilience:

  • Robustness – systems provide inherent strength to resist stresses and demands
  • Redundancy – system features provide alternatives as back-up options
  • Resourcefulness – the capacity to mobilise resources in an emergency
  • Rapidity – speed to contain issues, disruptions and restore proper functioning

Mint MEP is adept at system upgrades in ‘live’ mission critical buildings. Our buildable design schemes ensure that construction can take place in parallel with business as usual, as well as provide a more resilient completed engineering solution.